Tuesday, March 17, 2015

After a packed weekend of plans with my parents and friends, I was so excited for a quiet dinner & movie night with just Christian and I. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that Taverna is one of my favorite Italian spots in Dallas. Whether I'm on a date or out for a girls night (perfect for Mary bc of it's Gluten Free options), I am never disappointed with the food or the atmosphere. I usually order a bowl of the Gnocchi Rustica, and that night was no exception. Although I may have to switch up my order because Christian's Paglia e Fieno was so good that I kept stealing bites...lucky for me he doesn't mind sharing :) 

After dinner it was couch potato time, and we curled up with a few of my favorite DVDs, some truffle popcorn, & fun cocktails. It sounds silly but this is one of my favorite things we did on his trip. Watching TV together can get pretty tricky when one person is in Florida & the other is in Texas. But we have developed a pretty sophisticated system to work around that logistical issue, which basically consists of counting down "Ok-1, 2, 3 play!" and watching episodes of The League or Suits in tandem over the phone. It's crazy how dating long distance can make even something as simple as watching a movie together such a treat. And while I don't mind our usual "system", it sure was nice to have him sitting next to me for a change.


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