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Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dress: Elly's Couture. Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff. Clutch: American Apparel. Sunglasses: Luella for Target (way old/similar). Jewelry: Ann Taylor Neon Necklace (similar), Michael Kors, David Yurman, Nordstrom.

Photographed by: Michelle Chase.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top: Jason Wu for Target. Pleated Skirt: Jason Wu for Target. Wedges: ShoeMint (similar). Bag: Kate Spade (similar). Belt: Elizabeth and James. 
Sunglasses: Ray BanJewelry: Michael Kors, Alex Monroe, Tory Burch.

Photographed by: Michelle Chase.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dress: Target. Denim Vest: J.Crew (similar). Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff. Sunglasses: RayBan.
Bag: Alexander Wang. Jewelry: Michael Kors, David Yurman, Alex Monroe, Lily Dawson, Nordstrom.

Photographed by: Michelle Chase. 


Sunday, April 22, 2012

                     1.Jack Black 2.Bliss fabulips 3, 4.Smith's Rosebud Salve 5.Bobbi Brown 6.La Mer 7.Chanel 8.Labello

On My Radar: Tibi Racer Back Cami

Friday, April 20, 2012

If you are looking for the perfect versatile silk cami shell, look no further. This shirt really goes with everything and is a great layering piece! I'm stocking up at Shopbop.com and getting one in every color.

xo SideSmile,

Blogger Spotlight: Grace of A Southern Drawl

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I had the privilege of being able to interview Grace Wainwright of A Southern Drawl a couple of weeks ago. This girl embodies my favorite qualities of a fellow southern girl: she's gorgeous, stylish in the best preppy way (she has an obsession with stripes), and most importantly hilariously witty. It is not uncommon for me to crack up aloud to myself while reading her blog. Check this gal out, she's the next big thing.

xo SideSmile,

Age: 19
Hometown:  Louisville, KY
Started Blogging: Fall 2011
Why did you initially decide to start a blog? I started to blog because as an engineering major, I needed an outlet of creativity.  I am terrible at anything artistic, but I love fashion. So I chose to start a blog as a hobby and as a way to share something that I love: style.
If your blog had a mission statement, what would it be?  It would be that any outfit that makes you feel good is good. Cliché? Maybe, but what are mission statements for, eh? 

What is the story behind your blog's title? Well since I’m from and live in Kentucky, I pride myself in being slightly southern. Some people think I have a southern drawl, while others don’t, but regardless, I thought it was a clever title. I guess, I let the word “y’all” slip every now and then.
How would you describe your style? I don’t think I have one specific way to describe it.  Sometimes, I’m preppy, sometimes I try to pull the laidback comfy chic look, while other times I just wear whatever isn’t dirty because I’m too lazy to do my laundry.  My style is constantly evolving, and I love trying new and different styles.

Who are your favorite designers? I love Michael Kors, Lilly Pulitzer, and David Yurman jewelry.  But, let’s be real, I’m a college student…what’s up Forever 21?
Who inspires your wardrobe and why? Seriously, everyone inspires my wardrobe, whether it is a celebrity like Rachel Bilson (I want to be her), or Pinterest (an obvious one…), the blogs I follow, or just people I come across every day.
What do you do when you're not blogging? Either drowning myself in my studies, reading leisurely, working out, enjoying my family and friends, and enduring one too many awkward moments in my daily life.
What are your personal favorite blogs? Why? It’s so hard to choose my favorite blogs, because I enjoy reading all kinds.  As for large well-known blogs, I really enjoy reading Kendi Everyday (I enjoy her awkward comments and encounters), M Loves M (the perfect touch of vintage), and Atlantic-Pacific (her style is so chic). Regardless, I love looking at all blogs. They all inspire me.
What type of camera do you use? I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 with either a 20 mm/F1.7 lens (it’s itty bitty) or a 42 mm/F3.5 lens.  To be honest, I’m really terrible with camera language…so who knows if I even said that correctly.

How do you capture your outfits each day? I usually have whoever is available and free to take my pictures.  Whether it is my friend or brother or my dog (he’s pretty good at handling a camera).  I should probably get a tripod…but that makes me nervous. Plus it’s not about the pictures, it’s about the style!
Where are your favorite places to shop? This could potentially be a very long list, so I’ll cut it down: Loft, Ann Taylor, JCrew (usually only for sale items), and Forever 21 (when you can find those rare gems…). 
Are there any trends you are particularly inspired by this season? 
I really love the whole neon shindig.  It’s gutsy and great.  Neon clothes, neon nails, neon lips.  And the polka dots too! I’m personally a stripe person, with way too many striped sweaters and shirts in my closet, so, I really like doing something different and have been mesmerized by the polka dots.

What trend from the past would you like to make a comeback? I thought this was a cool question, so I decided to ask my sister her opinion too.  She said she would want the flapper style to come back.  It made me chuckle.  On the other hand, I would want acid wash to come back.  I know it kind of already has, so I’m not sure if this counts.  I have acid wash leggings from American Apparel that I love.  I feel like you could make some crazy matches with acid wash and patterns.
What clothing item would you say is timeless? I think a blazer is a timeless clothing item.  You can dress it up or dress it down, match it with anything and everything, and it’s very feminine with a bit of edge to it, giving a great balance.   

What beauty product can you not live without?  
So, I can only narrow this one down to two: mascara and chapstick/lip tint.  When I’m struggling to get up for class, I just go to these two.  Mascara to make it seem like I’m awake and tried to look decent, and the lip tint or chapstick to moisten my lips and give a nice color.
Today is your last day on earth. What are you wearing? Probably a striped sweater, since I have a weird obsession with those, (or chambray shirt: equal obsession), skinnies, and brown wedges that I’ve been dreaming about at night ever since I saw them in Charleston.

On My Radar: Kendra Scott

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It started with getting the Danielle Earrings as a gift and now I am full on obsessed with Kendra Scott Jewelry! Here are some of my favorite picks for spring! I love that each piece can be such a statement on its own and dress up any outfit! My favorite its the Ainsley Cuff in Gold! Which are y'alls favorites?

xo SideSmile,


In my opinion, there is no better inspiration than street style. I had so SO much fun attending Chilifest this past weekend. While Chilifest isn't necessarily known for its fashion (or it's Chili for that matter), but my southern girls did not disappoint and I was very impressed with all of the looks I saw! There was definitely a relaxed hippie vibe with a country twist: lots of cowboy boots (obvs), lace shorts, peasant tops, and cross body bags. What is y'alls go to music festival look?

xo SideSmile,


Monday, April 16, 2012

Dress: Asos. Vest: Forever21. Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar). Oversized Clutch: American Apparel. Sunglasses: RayBan. Jewelry: Michael Kors, Madewell, Alex Monroe, NordstromPink Nail Polish: French Affair.

Photographed by: Michelle Chase


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top: Asos. Bandeau Bra: Free People. Skirt: Zara (similar). Shoes: Alexander Wang. Clutch: Market in Venice (similar). Jewelry: Nordstrom, Alex Monroe. Pink Nail Polish: French Affair. 

Photographed by: Michelle Chase


I am so excited to go to Chilifest this year in Snook, Texas! Gotta love any opportunity to whip out those cowboy boots and dance to live country music! Chilifest has been known to get a little messy, so I plan on keeping my outfits simple. There is nothing more classic than a tied up button down, like this one from Old Navy, paired with my favorite 7 for all mankind jean shorts! Another beauty favorite of mine are these Med eTate wipes from Dermadoctor. Use them before putting your face on and your makeup will become sweat proof-they really are the perfect way to combat that Texas heat : ) Brush on some tarte waterproof bronzer and you are good to go!

xo SideSmile,


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Denim Button Up: H&M (similar). Skater Skirt: Topshop. Shoes: Tory Burch. Clutch: Tory Burch (similar). Aviator Sunglasses: Tory Burch. Jewelry: Lily Dawson, Michael Kors, J.Crew, Ring's Eclectic, David Yurman, Alex Monroe, West AvenueNordstrom
Pink Nail Polish: French Affair

Photographed by: Michelle Chase


9.Alexander Wang Printed high-rise skinny jeans

Happy Tuesday Y'all! I am loving the printed denim trend. It is such a fun and easy way to make a bold statement. Which pairs are you favorites? I LOVE the Current/Elliot Ikat Stilleto Pants. This is my first attempt at using photoshop on posts, how did I do?

xo SideSmile,


Orange Blouse: Elly's Couture (similar). White Shorts: 7 for all mankind. Bandeau Bra: Free People. Wedges: ShoeMint (similar). Clutch: American Apparel
Aviator Sunglasses: Tory Burch. Jewelry: Michael Kors, J.Crew, Ring's Eclectic, David Yurman, Alex Monroe, West AvenueNordstrom
Pink Nail Polish: French Affair.  

Photographed by: Michelle Chase

Blogger Spotlight: O My Heart!'s Kate McLean

Monday, April 9, 2012

One of my favorite blogs is O My Heart! by Kate McLean. She has such a classic point of view, but always with a fresh twist. Her outfit posts are a constant inspiration for my style, but my favorite part about her blog that she features a different song every week! Here is my interview with the charming girl that will soon be influencing your wardrobe and your iPod: 
Age: 30
Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Date Started Blogging: March 2010

Why did you initially decide to start a blog? 

I decided to start a blog because I had been reading them for a couple of years and thought it looked like so much FUN! I felt like I was missing out on something, but was so nervous & shy to start one. I didn't tell anyone about it at first, but gradually grew more comfortable with it, and now obviously it's very out in the open!

How would you describe your style? 

I would describe my style as classic, fairly simple and very feminine, with a little bit of prep thrown in here & there!

What is the story behind your blog's title? 
My blog's title, O My Heart!, actually comes from the name of an album by Canadian indie band 'Mother Mother' - I always liked the sound of it, as if your heart was going to explode with excitement!

Who are your favorite designers? 
In a dream world, my closet would be filled with mostly Tibi, Rebecca Minkoff and more recently Shoshanna! Also a big fan of Michael Kors in terms of watches & bags!

Who inspires your wardrobe and why? 

My wardrobe is largely inspired by what I see online, through other bloggers and things like pinterest! The internet is a constant source of fashion inspiration! In terms of specific people, Olivia Palermo is one of my favorites!

What do you do when you're not blogging? 

Life outside of blogging consists of a full time day job, as well as making jewelry for my etsy shop! The rest of my life is pretty quiet - spending time with the fella, dinners with friends, going to see bands, and the occasional living room dance party!

What are your personal favorite blogs? Why?
My favorite blogs are Atlantic-Pacific, Brooklyn Blonde and This Time Tomorrow! Their outfits are always stunning and so inspirational, and they're all incredibly sweet girls on top of that!

What type of camera do you use? 

I use a Canon Rebel T1i.

How do you capture your outfits each day? 
I honestly take most of my photos on weekends - as we get later into the spring & summer it gets a little easier to get photos through the week, but I generally just take photos on weekends. If I've worn an outfit I really like through the week that I didn't have time to photograph, I have to admit I dress back up in it on the weekend to take photos! 

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
"In person" shopping is seriously lacking where I live, so I do most of my shopping at H&M, Envy, Joe Fresh and Winners, as well as a boutique an hour away called Je Suis Prest. I also do a lot of my shopping online, and can often be found perusing Shopbop and ASOS! When I'm in a city that has one, I also love shopping at Zara!

Are there any trends you are particularly inspired by this season? 

I'm completely obsessed with black and white stripes and hints of neon! I find myself wearing it every chance I get lately! Also a huge fan of all things nautical!
What trend from the past would you like to make a comeback? Oh gosh, I can hardly think of any that haven't already come back!

What clothing item would you say is timeless? 

A classic trench coat! A total staple!

What beauty product can you not live without? 
I think it's a tie between blush & nail polish! No specific brands or colors, but in general, you'll rarely catch me leaving the house without blush & freshly painted nails!

Today is your last day on earth. What are you wearing? 
It would really depend on how I was spending my last day on earth, but I would say likely a party dress of some sort. I'm picturing something super pretty, feminine & voluminous!

Want even more O My Heart!? 
Check out these links: Twitter, Bloglovin, Pinterest

xo SideSmile,

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