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Monday, March 30, 2015

 This post is sponsored by fairlife ultra-filtered milk.

I grew up in a very health conscious household. Regular exercise was a must and my mom* always made sure to have the best groceries our local supermarket had to offer. Every time I run out to the store, I can hear her voice in my head as I meander down the aisles, “make sure you buy organic” & “I wouldn’t get that if I were you, I read this article that said…<insert grocery horror story here>”. For the better part of my life, I did my best to ignore that little voice and go on my merry way, not really paying attention to the ingredients or origin of my food purchases. But I think I finally started to understand how big of an effect my diet actually had on my overall wellbeing in college. I started having these horrible cyst breakouts all around my chin and was at a loss as to what could be the cause.

After some extensive research and confirmation from my dermatologist, I concluded that the hormones in my morning glass of milk were the culprit. Here I was thinking that I was doing something good for my body, only to find out that these body builder hormone cows were producing milk that was wreaking havoc on my skin. It was then and there that I gave into my mother’s voice in my head and started be very intentional about buying food products that are natural. I love fairlife ultra-filtered milk because of the company’s transparency and commitment to producing a quality product for their customers. fairlife comes from family-owned farms where animal care and environmental sustainability are top priorities.

I used to resent the fact that soda never made an appearance in our house and that my mom’s idea of dessert was a fruit plate...all I wanted were some double stuffed Oreos & Captain Crunch, but as I’ve gotten older I am grateful to have those healthy habits instilled in me. And now when I have the occasional Oreo I at least pair it with milk that has 50% more protein, 30% more calcium, and half the sugar of ordinary milk :)

fairlife’s farm families promise the highest quality milk, environmentally sustainable farming practices, and superior animal care. fairlife is ultra-filtered for more natural protein and calcium compared to regular milk. Learn more at

*UPDATE - Upon reading this post my mom went out and bought some fairlife to try for herself and she loved it. The whole family is officially converted :)


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