Tuesday, November 4, 2014
I have recently discovered (and become obsessed) with a line of supplements produced by Hum Nutrition. Their inventive approach to modern skincare ailments has literally revolutionized how I take care of my skin. With the holiday's coming up it is all hands on deck in my medicine cabinet to keep my skin healthy and happy. My go to favorites from the line are Daily Cleanse (perfect after indulging in a little too much halloween candy), Chill Pill (this time of year is beyond hectic & even the most zen of people get a little stressed), and Red Carpet (to make sure my skin is christmas card ready).

Here is a great interview featured on Sephora with the Founders Walter Faulstroh and Chris Coleridge on creating the first line of beauty vitamins.
“Before Hum, most vitamins were complicated and did not solve modern day problems,” says Hum Nutrition co-founder Walter Faulstroh. “Chris and I decided to change that by starting with the consumer’s needs first and having the best brains in nutrition formulate a solution around them.” Having already launched successful ventures in smart water and a gym chain, the progression to supplements was a natural one—as was the move from London to Los Angeles. “I’ve definitely gotten healthier since I came to California!” says Hum co-founder Chris Coleridge, with a laugh. Here, the two self-styled health nuts spill on how they turned vitamins on their head—and gave pill-popping an unexpected beauty makeover. 
WALTER FAULSTROH: Behind Hum, there is a true personal story. I struggled for a long time with very bad breakouts and cystic acne. I was put on very strong medication four times, which worked only as a temporary patch. My life changed when I met a nutritionist in London for my first venture, V Water, who taught me that the things I put into my body have a real effect on how I look and feel. I was so positively shocked by the lasting results that I decided to take that knowledge into a future venture. Several years later, Hum was born.
WF: Hum makes you look great from within, where creams don’t reach.
CHRIS COLERIDGE: We only make supplements that make you look great—and feel even greater.
CC: For skin, we have Red Carpet, OMG, Smooth Operator, and Time Capsule. Omega the Great—or OMG as we call it—is like a foundation for healthy-looking skin and works for all skin types. Daily Cleanse helps remove toxins from the skin and body. For breakout-prone skin, we suggest both of these. If you have dry or dull-looking skin, I would recommend Red Carpet. It gives you that extra glow and also nurtures the health of hair follicles, resulting in fuller, shinier hair. It’s for someone who wants to look fabulous without makeup.
CC: For body, we have Killer Nails, Daily Cleanse, and our Runway Ready set, which is a great total-beauty solution for glowing skin, glamorous hair, and perfect nails. Think of Killer Nails as a protein shake for your nails and hair.
CC: For lifestyle, Wing Man, Moody Bird, Chill Pill, Uber Energy, and Here Comes the Sun are your partners in crime.
Uber Energy is not like an energy drink that makes you feel all wired. It’s more like constant and balanced energy for people that lead demanding lives. I swear by it. If you drink more than two glasses of alcohol, I recommend Wing Man. My other favorite is Here Comes the Sun, which may sound strange since I now live in LA. But I have sensitive skin, and I like getting all the benefits of the sun without the UV damage.
WF: Chill Pill is one of our products that I take daily. Hum is only two years old and we are growing extremely fast, which means stressful situations on a daily basis! The key is to keep a calm head and not react to stress, which the adoptogens in Chill Pill help me do.

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