Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I remember my very first Juicy Couture purchase. I was in eight grade, and it was a long sleeve pink tee from Saks that said 'Juicy Debutant' with a string of pearls wrapped around the letters. Next on a shopping trip with my grandmother for my 15th birthday, after careful consideration I decided that a black cashmere Swarovski encrusted bowling bag was the ultimate 'statement purse' and had to have it. When I got my first debit card sophomore year of high school, what was my first splurge? A JC id case key chain natch. I even was know to sport 'I'm with Juicy' tube socks with my Nike shocks & school uniform. Juicy was over the top, blinged out,  and completely glorious. With every purchase I felt I was one step closer to becoming Marissa from the OC (alcoholism not included). Their latest incarnation has landed them at Kohl's, a move that 10 years ago would have been shocking, but now makes sense for them as a brand. In addition to their synonymous tracksuits, there actually are several pieces worth checking out including this tropical chiffon jacket. Looking back now I could shoot myself for spending obscene amounts of money on such fleeting trinkets, most of which had significant elements of velour. However at the time there really was nothing cooler, and I still carry a soft spot in my my heart for the brand. 

*Photography by Mary Summers


  1. These tropical shades are so in right now! palnning to get a bikini in these shades this summer! xx :*

  2. I can't believe that jacket is from Juicy! I used to be OBSESSED. I had a couple of the terry zip ups and the beloved velour sweats (that I still own and wear all the time). I had a purse and a wallet and I couldn't get enough. I got the velour black zip up for Christmas a couple of years ago when I realized that college girls still wear Juicy (I tried to fit in…bad idea.) Anyways, I will always have a special place in my heart for Juicy Couture. I really should go to Kohl's and look at their collection because that bomber is amazing!

  3. Ah this is so cute! The perfect casual and fun look!


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