Thursday, February 19, 2015

I first spotted this dress on the streets of South Beach, while en route to some much needed late night pizza after a long day of pool parties, fashion shows, and boozing with Kristin. I usually am too shy to stop unsuspecting women in the middle of the street to ask where they got that...purse, shirt, etc. and I usually regret it. But this time fueled by my refusal to let another potential purchase slip through my fingers (and a pretty solid buzz), I was determined to get answers. She informed me that it was designed by Zimmermann and that I could find it at Scoop NYC. A couple strokes of the keyboard later and the dress was mine. So what about y'all - ever been haunted by not asking "Where did you get that?!"

ZIMMERMANN floral cupcake dress | ZARA suede buckle booties (similar) | H&M moto jacket (similar) | KAREN WALKER sunglasses 


  1. I've actually not done that before. It's good that you asked because you look great in this dress. Definitely goes well with the boots too =)

  2. Love this dress! So cute. I bet you're glad you asked now :)


    La Joie de Vivre


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