Lucky FABB Conference NY

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
First off, let's just get this out of the way. I was kind of a bad blogger while I was in NY. I was so busy I did not manage to adequately capture my Lucky FABB outfit for a post. However, I plan on rectifying that later this week and reshooting it here in Columbia. Anyhow I did manage to obtain a few pictures from the conference, hopefully next time I will be less star struck and more on my game :)

Rachel Zoe  
Rachel Zoe's interview was such a thrill. I have always been a huge fan of her. She was the first person that made it ok for me to be over the top obsessed and in love with fashion.

Lauren Conrad  
Lauren Conrad's interview, while a little stiff, was still very informative. Apparently her famous cat-eye eyeliner can be attributed to the fact that she "looks weird with eyeshadow" and her sock buns are a result of "sheer laziness". If only my fashion short cuts proved to be so stylish!

Man Repeller  
The Man Repellers dramatic entrance (she had gotten caught in traffic).

Anna Sui and Simon Doonan  
Simon Doonan's interview of Anna Sui was by far my favorite of the day! He is as charming in person as he is in his books and Barney's interviews

Lucky FABB Gift Bag  
Bethany sorting through our fabulous Lucky FABB gift bags.

Pipa Chandeliers  
The atmosphere at Pipa's tapas bar was so visually amazing. There were at least 20 chandeliers on display!

Blogger Dinner at Pipa
I had the best time at dinner with Mary Beth, Sam, Bethany, and Lindsey. By far one of the highlights of my trip!


  1. I loved your recap- I totally forgot to take outfit photos, too!

  2. It's so fun to read everyone's recap and see which speakers and quotes stood out to them. I love your report on Lauren Conrad. So true, if only our fashion shorts could be so stylish!

    I was a bad blogger too {and plan on recreating in Fort Worth}! Oops! And agree with the sentiments of Bethany - TAKE ME BACK!

    xo, sam

    **Style of Sam**

  3. Love the post ! Seems that you had great time !

    XX Luba
    Well Living BLog

  4. so bummed that I missed LuckyFABB, hoping to make the 2nd Luckyfabb west in the future.
    Hope you got lots of amazing info from it!



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