Keepin it real in 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013
It seems like at the beginning of every new year I make all of these lofty plans to be carried out over the coming months. Alas no sooner than Ground Hogs day rolls around, many of these well intentioned goals have been quietly abandoned. But just because this will probably not be the year that I stop watching TV, become fluent french, and give up sugar; that does NOT mean that I should abandon the tradition entirely. There are plenty of more realistic resolutions for me to strive for; and I intend to do just that. First resolution of 2013: Stop making ridiculous resolutions you can't keep; it is just silly.  Now that that is taken care of, here are a few more:

What are y'alls New Years Resolutions for 2013?


  1. These are such wonderful goals for the year, and many are things I would like to do myself...I just never write them down, ha ha

  2. LOVE these goals!! i need to get to writing my down as well!


  3. Such great goals! I want to print this out. :)

    xo Ashley

  4. nice blog. follow you

  5. big hearts to your resolutions this year - I know you are going to do great things in 2013!



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