Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's official Bikini Season is officially lurking right around the corner. I personally have been hibernating all winter, and will be needing more than a little help getting my rear in gear before summer hits. To kick off the pain train known as getting swimsuit ready, I decided a round up of my favorite Victoria Secret swimsuits was just the trick to help get me motivated. The fact that all of the girls modeling them are ridiculously gorgeous will hopefully only add even more fuel to my fire. For even more styles on my bikini shopping list check out this pinterest board (...and I included some great workout routines on there also).

*image by Patrick Demarchelier for Harper's Bazaar


  1. no no no get outta here with this i am NOT ready!!!!!

  2. OOo-la-la..the pictures make me wanna get some new bikinis now =D


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