Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am naturally a pretty shy person, but I have been wanting to integrate video content into my blog for quite some time now. So when the opportunity came along for me to participate in a 'What's in your bag' video for Glam.com during NYFW; I was thrilled...but terrified. I'm hoping, as I did with my outfit photos, that I get more comfortable in front of the camera with time. Until then thank goodness for the magical powers of editing...although no matter how skilled the editor there is only so much that can be done, so get ready to see me in all of my awkward slash nervous glory. 

ps. in additon to the text links, you can now shop my posts by hovering your mouse directly over the item in the picture - as always, please email me with any questions :)


  1. You did great!!! I didn't think it was awkward at all!

  2. wow there are so many galsses in your bag ^o^
    just stop by, have a nice day!


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